How to sew a paper garland

Step 2: Fold your circles in half, having the design that you want folding inward.

The shortest strip in the middle, to the largest on the outside.With just a few simple supplies and about an hour of your time, you can have a fun St.We are having a Mexican Fiesta themed Graduation party so I went with bright colored tissue paper for this garland.

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So after make the 3D Paper Shamrocks, I whipped up this Paper Shamrock Garland with gold coins.You can make this DIY paper garland in less than an hour, probably even while a kid is playing in the background.

These paper Christmas lights are the perfect way to add holiday cheer without jacking up your electricity bill.Begin with one piece of tissue paper. (One piece of tissue paper will make four tassels.) Fold it in half lengthwise.Note: because some of them were so small, they wanted to fly away.Once your supplies are out, invite your child to make a garland.

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Welcome to Practically Functional, a DIY and crafts blog for everyone.For some, I simply used a decorative paper border and a button or two.Balloon garland is so easy to make, and with the millions of colors of balloons available, you can match it to any party theme.

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Strips of canvas and muslin can be sewn into leaves for an unexpectedly beautiful decoration.

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Once your paper shapes are cut out, all you have to do is sew them into a garland.You could even mix a pattern of larger and smaller scallops together.Paper snowflakes, bells and stars can create beautiful, delicate and weightless Christmas garlands that look wonderful on the ceiling and walls, mirrors and windows.

To create the garland grab two stars of the same size in different colors, stack them together, then sew a straight line down the middle using your sewing machine.

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Customizable and simple, balloon garland is the perfect decoration for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and more.As you can see from the picture, I want the flowers to show so they are on the inside.

So dust lightly, and place them in a cardboard box to avoid the wind.Step 1: Spread the tissue paper out flat on a bench and smooth out the creases.

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Set your machine on a straight stitch with the longest length possible.Another way to cut out the paper shapes is creating a template out of cardstock or cardboard and tracing it.You can use fold an A4 sheet of paper to make 2 equal squares and use the scrap cut offs to make some.You just use a paper punch to create your lace look in colored cardstock.

I believe that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects, regardless of skill or experience.

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Because the glitter paper is white on the back side, it added just enough white to the garland to make it very Americana.How to Make a DIY Tassel Garland: You will need: tissue paper scissors decorative tape string or twine.I opted for 230 gsm IQ color in different shades of blue, going from darker to lighter, giving the garland a nice flow of colors.I never think to use my sewing machine for paper crafting, such a great idea.

When I set this up for a large crowd last week, one boy turned a circle into a PacMan shape.

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You can adjust the size a bit according to your preference -- adjusting the width of the strips will make the garland loops wider and adjusting the length will make the loops longer.I am kind of a klutz and if I know anything it is that I will eventually poke myself.

How to Make a 3D Paper Garland You Can Use Anywhere!


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